UTM v1.4 PCB and Pogo Pin

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Is there (or will be in the future) diagram or files provided for UTM v1.4 PCB?

Another question is what are the diamaters for Pogo Pins used in v1.4?


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A CAD model can be found by clicking the UTM link at cad.farm.bot. The diameter of a section of the pogo pin will be shown in the lower right of the screen after clicking on that part of the pin.

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I’ve similar questions. Are there PCB-files (Layout) for the UTM 1.4 for example as a “PcbDoc” or eagle or gerber or similar -format available?

A second question is about the “Pi Adapter Board”-PCB: We like to buy this PCB in your shop, but there was no possibility (same like UTM-PCB). Do you document the PCB-Files (in “PcbDoc” / eagle or similar format) for the “Pi Adapter Board”-PCB anywhere? How or where can we get this files ?

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