V groove bearings

Has anyone tried using v groove bearings and T extrusion rails for the X axis?
I have some from another CNC project and will try mounting it shortly. It should be more tolerant to alignment errors and be less restrictive

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Badly constructed and engineered x-axis replacement that works, built entirely at night with a power drill, no measuring, no spirit level. Used 3 groove bearing, 6 nuts, 3 bolts, 1 aluminium T extrusion, 3 pieces of scrap wood and 11 screws. No modifications to the farmbot. The black rail behind is not used at all
The E0 port on the RAMPS board is faulty, the X2 stepper motor has been disconnected and the farmbot is now usable


I replaced the above with the thinnest cheapest tee extrusion I could find, 20mm x 1.5mm x 3m. It has supports every 600mm, it follows the noticeably warped edge of the garden sleeper and works just fine

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