V1.4 farmduino for sale in Europe/UK

I have a 1.4 in my drawer gathering dust. It’s in the UK. If anyone would like it for £100 + P&P then let me know.

Can you send us a photo of the Farmduino that you are selling?

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Hey @sam_uk that’s very interesting . . the link in your post mentions v1.6 :confused:

Ha I didn’t spot the ‘A’ when I looked at it.

I guess I have a v1.6 with 1.7A capability peripherals :slight_smile:

I guess you don’t :wink:

The white ink on the PCB ( Rev. 1.7A ) is not the FarmBot Model version that your Farmduino ‘belongs with’ . . It’s the revision id of the physical printed circuit board (and maybe componentry).

That Farmduino you’re selling most likely shipped in a Genesis version 1.4 machine.

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@sam_uk Hello Sam,

@jsimmonds is correct. The text at the top of your PCB ( Rev. 1.7A ) is not the FarmBot Model. You are selling the Farmduino from a FarmBot Genesis v1.4. Apologies for this confusion, but our PCB electronics manufacturing partner has their own numbering system.

This Farmduino electronics control board still has value, but it does not have some of the latest features of the Genesis v1.6 Farmduino control board features such as quite mode.


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Ah apologies, I didn’t look at it particularly carefully.

Adjusted my original post and knocked £50 off the price.

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