V14.4.0 Beta Release: Beta Testers Welcome!

FarmBot OS v14.4.0 Beta Preview

Today we are announcing the beta release of FarmBot OS v14.4.0.

About Beta Releases

A beta release is a version of FarmBot OS that is almost ready for public use but is still under active testing.

If you are eager to try new features before they are publicly released, you may opt-in to receive a beta update for your device (instructions below).

If you require a high level of stability for your device (e.g., it is currently tending to a live garden), it may be best to wait for the official release since a beta release may have slight stability issues. We appreciate bug reports for problems found on beta versions of FarmBot OS.

How to Opt-In

Please follow the official instructions.

What’s New?

This release offers several new features for Lua developers:

  • Fix system crash when taking > 1,000 photos in a single boot.
  • Add a new take_photo_raw() helper that does not store photos in the API. It instead returns the binary representation of the image so that you can upload it to your own server elsewhere. I made an example of how you can store images outside of the API here.
  • Increase timeout for http() requests in Lua.
  • Base64 alpha support in Lua base64.encode(), base64.decode(). Documentation coming soon, but the API is similar to the JSON API.
  • Ability to get device’s auth token via the auth_token() helper. Please use this instead of storing account passwords in Lua code. This makes it possible to easily modify API resources from Lua.
  • Fix Lua json.decode() issue where decoding a top level array would raise an exception.
  • Upgrade Nerves system, Erlang, Elixir, OTP.
  • Minor changes related to deprecations and platform changes.

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