Vacuum pump and possible upgrade

Hi everybody,
I wanted to know more info about the vacuum pump.
I have seen some posts in the forum saying that the vacuum pump is 12V DC, pressure range between -70kPa and -220kPa.
If the seeds are very small (example: 0.5 mm - 2.0 mm), do you think it is possible to hold more than one seeds at a time using a larger luel lock needles using this vacuum pump ?
Could be needed a more powerful vacuum pump ?
It is possible to equip Farmbot with a more powerful vacuum pump, for example a 24V dc ?

Iā€™d like to seed 10k seeds on a 1m x 1m surface

Thanks for the help

The latest vacuum pumps are rated for 24V DC and pull approximately 0.5 amps. I do not have information on the pressure range the pump provides, though in personal experience, it does have a tendency to pick up multiple very small seeds at once. The main constraint with using a larger needle of course is that it cannot be so large that the seeds get sucked through!

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