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I am posting this message because in our company we have a problem with the Vacuum pump of our Farmbot Genesis v1.4.
It has been several times during a seed sequence that the seeder doesn’t catch a seed, indeed we noticed that the pump sometimes suck soil particles and they block the motor drums.
We have already cleaned the dust from the drums of the pump, but now she only blows and doesn’t suck anymore…

It’s a real problem because we use the Farmbot as a nursery for vegetable plants so we use the seeder all the times. Please help me if you have the same problem or the solution.

(Excuse me if my english is not clear)

Thank you !

@BaptisteL usually when the pump is only blowing, it is because of contamination in the pump or because the user connected the tube to the outlet port on accident. However, it sounds like you have already checked for contamination inside the pump. Here are some other things you can check:

  • Ensure that you connected the tube to the inlet port of the pump when you re-installed the pump after cleaning
  • Check to make sure there is no contamination stuck inside the luer lock needle, luer lock adapter, or other tubing.
  • Check to make sure the o-ring on the UTM is in good condition.

If none of these checks resolve your issue, please email and we will send you a replacement pump free of charge. Just reference this forum post when you email us :slight_smile: Also, if you have not already upgraded your machine to include an inline air filter (included with Genesis v1.5+ kits), please request that as well in your email so that your vacuum pump has an extra layer of protection moving forward. :shield:

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Thank you very much @roryaronson for these solutions, we have checked, the tube is connected to the inlet port, all the circuit is dust free, the UTM O-ring is in good conditions.

I will send you an email in reference of this post.

Have a good day :slight_smile:

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