Vacuum pump not getting power

I have Genesis 1.2. I have the vacuum pump cable plugged into D10 terminals. When I turn it on, the red light comes on at D10 but pump does not activate. Tested the cable and it’s ok. Tested the voltage across those terminals and read 0.3V instead of 24V. Where should I look to find out why I’m not getting 24V on D10?

That circuit may have become damaged and is no longer functional. You might try plugging the pump into D8 instead (note that you will need to re-configure the peripheral in your web app account to control it)

Diagram for reference: Plug Everything In | FarmBot Genesis Documentation

Hi Rory,
I plugged it into D8 instead of D9 but I can’t see where in the web app to indicate that. I see that the peripherals have Pins assigned. What is the relationship between the Pin numbers and D8, D9, and D10?


I think he means in the sequence you’re using the vacuum pump, you’ll have to choose the D8 peripheral instead of the vacuum pump.

The Peripherals in the app each have a Pin assigned to them, which corresponds to the various “Pins” (electrical connections) available on the Arduino microcontroller and RAMPS board. D8 on the RAMPS board corresponds to Pin 8, D9 → Pin 9, and D10 → Pin 10. So because you plugged your vacuum pump into D8, you’ll need to change the Vacuum Pump Peripheral in the app to correspond to Pin 8.

Here is some additional information: Peripherals | FarmBot Software Documentation

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