Vents for the electronics box


I would like to make a request to add three features to the FarmBot electronics box:

  1. A weather & pest proof heat venting solution.
    Thinking top & bottom louver style with fine mesh screen at top and bottom of sides (convection). Aluminum or plastic. Bonus would be to add a fan or two. Double bonus would be to have FB control the fan, say “On” if RazPi temp or outdoor temp exceeds x"

I found these:

(I am going to buy some of these and see if I can add them. I am thinking I will drill out a few holes, place and seal the vent, and figure out a way to block when the rains start. looks like I may need to replace or augment mesh right from the start - stock mesh looks big.)

  1. Sun/rain shade.
    Thinking clip-on. (upgrade/accessory)

  2. Addition of lock tabs to accommodate small padlock. Just enough to prevent idle curiosity that may turn to tragedy.


Hey Tony,

Did you see this reference doc on Thermal Management? Have you encountered components failing due to heat?



Did you have a link to a specific document that you meant to link to?
There was no link in your post.
To answer your question, maybe one stepper driver in my early bring-up days, but not conclusive that it was due to heat.
I am, however, concerned with a) my current observations of the temps inside the box. During very mild days, the internal temp reached close to 130 or 140 F (55 to 60 C), and b) knowing heat is the enemy, I want to preemptively mitigate as much as possible. We can get up to 110 F (44-ish C) in the summer, and our FB is in full sun.


Marc, did you have a link you were referring to on thermal management that you meant to post?


Hey Tony,

I just posted the link.