Vibrations and malfunctions of X-axis motors

Hi all,

Can someone help us? We are makers in France

We mounted a Farmbot Genesis 1.4 last June. It worked well but with some loss of steps in X. Then after a few weeks of non-use, we end up with stepping motors completely crazy.

We have problems with stepper motors for the X axis. They do not react normally with a lot of vibrations, jerky movements and without regularities.
We sought solutions. We changed the speed = no improvement. We connected a stepper motor on another card = always vibrations. There are always jerky and irregular movements.

Without encoders there are always lost steps. With encoders it’s worse than before.
When I remove the belts I always see imperfections. Without encoders the movement is more fluid but there is a slight bug at the start. With encoders, the movement is completely jerky.

We tested with stepper motors coming from a Farmbot Genesis 1.3 belonging to a French maker (bought 2 years ago) and we noticed the same problems.

Any ideas ?

Did you try to swap the stepper driver between the axes? Also check the reference voltage of the driver output. Here are additional information: Why is my FarmBot not moving?

Thanks. We will try this and come back later.

This sounds strangely famililar. See problem description here. The solution in our case was to reflash the arduino firmware.

Please review this video from Bob DuBard: