Video programming

When will you have a video with details of programming and tools for programming?


Hi @almat,

I’m the lead software developer at FarmBot. Videos are definitely a good way to explain programming concepts.

What kind of programming did you have in mind? Were you thinking about the basic stuff like flashing the firmware onto the device, or more advanced things like building custom software?

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Thanks for the answer. I am a programmer. Delphi 7 is my main programming language. Java and C # study. After buying Raspeberi, Ardino and RAMS 1.4 I do not understand from the very beginning it is connected with motor electrician using your program. Where to start? Mechanics I understand. If such a simple explanation will be, then immediately begin to buy boards, motors and mechanics. It is yet to start. Most of the work takes a lot of time. But slowly I begin to deal with some of the technologies. Video will accelerate this process.

sorry for bad english

I don’t mean to be rude but the answer is a little unclear will there be videos for programming?

No worries, @almat ! Thanks for the great question. I understand documentation can be tough to read if you aren’t looking for a specific answer. Especially if you just want to learn how everything fits together. It sounds like you would really like a step-by-step overview of the software architecture, is that correct? Unfortunately, between now and our product ship date in February, video production would take more time than we have available.

On the other hand, writing a blog article that explains some of the software concepts would be possible. Perhaps I could write a blog article or two that explains how the software is moving the motors and talking to the user. Would that be something you would be interested in for now? I definitely agree that videos would be the best medium for this, but I don’t think we will have the time within the next 6 months.

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Hi @ionzenith,

To answer your question: it’s not on the calendar yet. At least for a video series that is focused specifically on software developers. I like the idea of having videos for developers to help them get started with the software stack, but I don’t realistically have time for it between now and our product ship date. I’ve produced developer screencast series for past projects, and the amount of time required is unfortunately beyond what we have right now.

I do think we have time for more developer focused blog content, as written content is much quicker to produce.

What sort of things would you want to see in a video series? Perhaps I could cover those in a future blog post. Thanks for the question. I look forward to hearing your ideas.

Thank you! I will wait!

If they can, then give a clue where to begin to study your project which uses Raspeberi Rams Arduino and motors in tandem. Then understand your thought it would be easier. I need your serial links to program codes which have their work locally and through the Internet, photo electrical connections between chips and motors. And the software you are using, if you can consistently. A lot, I understand, but do not have enough links in the head :slight_smile: If it is possible. I understand your employment.