Viewing the log files that are hidden from the front end

According to this Only 1000 logs are stored and at most 250 are viewable through the frontend

My question is, “How do I view the hidden 750 log entries?”

Depending on the active log filters and the log types in those 1000 stored logs, you can view various entries in the frontend. Example: you have 500 logs of type info, and 250 each of success and warning. They are equally distributed in time. If you have the filters set to view all three types, you’ll see about 150 info, and 50 of the others, totaling 250. If you set the filters to just see success, you’ll see all 250 success logs.

Is there a way to connect up to the back end and read the raw data. I am ok with SSH, terminal etc.

Yes, please thoroughly read through our developer documentation to learn of all the things you can do with the API. You can make a GET request to /api/logs to retrieve all of the stored logs. Here is documentation for the logs endpoint. Please note you will need to get an authorization token first of which we have examples of how to do this on the developer docs.

Magic. Thanks for the guidance.

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