Water pressure regulation

We have high water pressure in our city (~100 psi).
Because of this, I was concerned that the water supply tubes would eventually rupture.
So, I added a hose bib pressure reducer to bring the supply pressure down to the 40 to 50 psi range.
I went to a local RV parts store and purchased a $12 pressure reducer and connected it to the water supply line.
See the three videos for more detail…

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Can you specify the model number in your post so that it will be easy for others to order this component?


The regulator I used is:

I purchased it at a local RV Store.
Easy to find online, too

They also make an adjustable version, but it was more expensive. I will consider this if the hoses still show signs of bulging in a week or so…

Thanks, great tip to look in the RV section… the normal housewater pressure ripped the soft hose apart on my Farmbot. Luckily right by the end. I only found the adjustable one nearby for $77. My adventure continues…


How high do you think the water pressure is in your town?


It must be up around 75 or 100 psi. I don’t have a tester but I can try to find out. I did find a $22 pres-set (40 to 50 psi) water pressure regulator option from Canadian Tire:

I also have the same problem with you and I bought RVAQUA M11-45PSI Water Pressure Regulator which can adjustable water pressure up to 160 PSI. I am really satisfied. I think you can try it.


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