Water pump not working

I’ve been working my way through the axes/camera/vacuum/water/lighting and everything is working now except for the vacuum and water.

The vacuum only blows, and I’ve read I should take it apart and clean it and get a filter.

For my water, absolutely nothing happens. The circuits shows a green LED by the water, but there is no sound or anything to indicate it’s even trying to do anything.

The hose is on with water pressure coming up to the pump, but the hose after and the black tube connected to the pump are completely dry.

I don’t know where to start for problem solving the water pump, any suggestions?



You may have the tubes on the vacuum pump reversed. You may have the suction on the exhaust port.
Try connecting the tube to the other port and see what happens.

The water solenoid valve, is not a pump. It is just a valve that is a NC (Normally closed) valve that opens when 24V is applied.

The FarmBot requires pressurized water to function.

Learn more about the Water Solenoid Valve:

If you require a pump to use rain water collection, you should likely use a relay to control the pump using the FarmBot.


Thanks, I did have the vacuum on the incorrect port.

My mistake calling it a pump. The valve does not make any sound or do anything of note when I click the water. The water LED next to the plug turns on, but that is all. It is connected to a pressurized hose.

There is a possibility that the Solenoid valve cable is defective. If you have a multimeter, can you test the voltage at the terminals of the solenoid valve?

You should be able to read 24V across the terminals.

I believe you are correct. I used my multimeter and was unable to get a reading on the terminals of the solenoid valve. Is there any action I could take on the cable?

Should I be purchasing a replacement cable from FarmBot?


You can likely use your multimeter and determine which terminal is not working. Then disassemble the connector and then re-assemble the connector ensuring there is good contact between the wire conductor and the connector portion of the cable.

If you can use a soldering iron to solder the conductor and ensure a good connection.

SparkFun has a whole guide on how to manage wires and soldering.


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