Watering a group fails

I added new plants to seed. Then created a new group for them.

Unfortunately watering fails with :

Failed to execute command: %FunctionClauseError{args: nil, arity: 2, clauses: nil, function: :group_points_by, kind: nil, module: FarmbotOS.Asset}

All is updated, no other problems with my farmbot, all updated.
It seem as too many nil values in the call, right?

Ok, update fixed the problem.

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Please update to the latest version of the FarmBot software to resolve this issue.

Some FarmBot users may need to re-flash their SD card to get the latest update.

To get the latest SD card image please go to The FarmBot Web App

Thank you for response. Update solved the issue.
It seems to me as server update side effect, can this happen ?

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