Watering curves

It is great that FB has curves, but the question is, what would a curve look like?
I see the ‘plants’ do not come with curves
Where can they be obtained from? Has anyone made a catalog of them or had any successful experiments with them?


Hi @mvillion curves (Water, Spread and Height) can be created in Farm Designer Curves and then applied to plants / ?plant-groups.

(It seems that 3rd party curves are a feature-in-progress (?))

Yes, it is true that a user can create a curve - but surely as a community we should / could / would be sharing the curves we have created. I am not an avid gardener and I cannot find / do not know how much water a plant should get over its lifecycle.

Ideally, I would expect that a ‘seed’ would with default curves - but that seems not to be the case.

Is there a shared curve register forum etc etc?

If not, I think I might set one up.


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I’d like recommended water curves as well, everything I can find just says “A bit more/less before harvest” or some such which isn’t really helpful!

I’d have thought https://openfarm.cc/ (where the plant list comes from) would be the ideal place to add water curves. I tried signing up to the slack channel to discuss but https://slack.openfarm.cc/ (which is what I got linked to by filling out the form) doesn’t seem to be setup.

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Actually, Issues · openfarmcc/OpenFarm · GitHub looks like that project is no longer maintained… I wonder if FarmBot shouldn’t look at https://www.growstuff.org/ or something instead. Either way, please don’t start another project, join an existing one - much better chance of success :slight_smile:

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