Watering grown (leafy) plants

How does the watering work once the plant are big?
It’s usually not optimal to water the leaves from above.

Oh right!!!
If you water either tomatoes, or zucchini on the leaves, there is a mold that grows on the leaves and can ruin both crops… Water only the roots of these two!
Also you don’t want these two close to each other!

Simple solution, use an olla

Coupled with a watering spike and level indicator and you have the ultimate watering solution for these plants

Ollas look like a great idea, thanks Dan3008!
But I’d like to know how FarmBot handles this…I saw in the video that there is already experience with large leafed plants.

I thing part of the thing is that you don’t want to water the whole garden, because you want the weeds to not be getting the water your good plants are.

As far as the big leafy plants are concerned, you could have a small sideways tube to direct the water where you want and put it low, so it is accurately delivered!

There are many possible solutions. The most obvious one is to water as close to the soil as possible and in a single location to avoid getting excessive water on the leaves. Perhaps watering during the day so that any that gets on the leaves will quickly dry up. And then if there is some damage, just ignoring it because it will be so localized (compared to sprinkler or garden hose watering)

Another solution would be as @Palomineo mentioned: some type of side-spray watering tool, or another shape that would allow more direct water delivery to the soil/roots rather than a shower from above.

A small L shaped pipe that can spin would do well! …just put it on the ground and push it towards the stem and open the valve! Perhaps even poking it into the ground where the roots are… Under the mulch!

I like watering in the night… The sun doesn’t evaporate the water, and it goes further! Aallowing water on the leaves can damage the leaves! If they are in the sun!

I wonder what plants like water on the leaves?

Lettuce? Carrot? Spinach? I don’t think I’ve ever heard it mentioned. no water on zucchini I’ve heard of, and I’ve seen the consequences!

How to water indoor plants
There are basically two ways to water indoor plants… from the top or from the bottom. Neither method is perfect, and there are pros and cons to both.

Method 1: Watering from the top – The most common way to water indoor plants is to pour water over the top of the soil and allow it to soak in. If you use this method, you should give the plant a good drink of water, and allow the water to run out the bottom of the pot. Once all of the water has drained, make sure to empty the plant tray or cache pot so that your plant isn’t sitting in water.

Method 2: Bottom watering plants – Plants growing in pots that have drainage holes can be watered from the bottom. All you need to do is fill the plant tray with water, and allow the plant to soak up water from the bottom. Some plants (like African violets) prefer this method of watering because their leaves and stems are sensitive to getting wet.

Only the good light plants can be watred like as i stated above

A funnel to one side with a tube into the substrate to reach the root zone to one side with the farmbot programmed to water in the funnel - might work as a solution.

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