Watering sequence - Things to be aware of

Hey guys,

Im about to start on the watering sequence for the first time!
I was curious if any of you that have already tried and tested the watering sequence have any advice/things to be aware of or warnings before I go hook my hose up to it and then try and open the valve?

Pressure issues, water spraying everywhere ( lol what im most worried about because our set up is a mobile indoor version), modifications that can help, etc.

Im almost completely done with all my sequences! :tada::confetti_ball: Once the Deweeder comes out thats the last to be finished so watering is the last step until future updates.


I’ve been watering for a while and have had much better luck than seed injection. First lesson I learned was that the threading between the barbed adaptor and solenoid valve is very very loose. It frequently become disconnected and sprays water everywhere.

The solution I found was to apply a generous amount of plumbers tape. That has really helped. I’d also recommend zip ties on both ends of the tubing.

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Thanks for the reply Detchi!

i tried it out last night and I think that I reversed the polarity on the magnetic switch inside my solenoid valve. instead of the valve being closed constantly and then only openable via a command it was just constantly open. Is this normal?m

an additional side note is that my valve is leaking :frowning: and not near the threading, i used a very generous amount of plumbers tape, tightened it with a wrench and it still leaks. oddly its leaking out near where you connect the rubber tubing to the male end of the valve. I’m pretty sure it got cracked somehow.

But, I need to test the valve again after taking a look at it and see if that is the issue.

All in all thou, water didnt spray everywhere like crazy as i thought it would lol :ok_hand:"

… last night was a really long night trying to film the farmbot.

@detchi Thanks for the help! the only reason my valve was open was because i ddnt turn it on under peripherals… :man_facepalming:

onto more watering sequences now!

But the valve should be normally closed?!

thats what i had thought! but i also had the switched polarity on the magnets so when it powered on instead of having the valve closed it was open? :open_mouth:

Im pretty sure that was it. lol Ill be honest, im not exactly sure… i had been working for 13 hours by the time i had tested out the watering. lol :laughing:

Here’s another one for ya… The wait command always seems to run 3 secs, regardless of the value. I tried it from 100 ms to 16000 ms and it always runs 3 seconds. When watering newly planted seeds, that just digs them up and floats them away in the runoff.

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I noticed that too when I was trying to have a lighter watering sequence.

My only solution was to initiate a move command from X800 to X200 and i slipped the open valve command in the middle of the two move commands so it just waters a whole row in one single move.

but even then, when it reaches the X200 location and then the shut off command is initiated it still takes like 3 seconds.