Watering tool ideas

What about having different types of watering tools such as:

  1. Rain Shower
  2. Mist
  3. Flood
  4. Slow Soak
  5. etc.

Yes, please do experiment, design, and make your own watering nozzle modifications! As described in the video on the Watering Nozzle documentation page, the tool has a two-piece design to allow the nozzle to be swapped out with other hole configurations. Developing alternative nozzles has been mentioned several times here in the forum as well.

You can:

  • Modify your existing nozzle.
  • Buy a second nozzle and modify it (enlarge holes, plug holes, drill more holes, etc.)
  • Modify a copy the source model and 3D print your custom design.
  • Use the source drawings to machine or make a new nozzle using whatever cutting tools you have.

If you do end up making a new nozzle design, please share any progress and results here in the forum!

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I keep forgetting this is really open source…
I should have phrased it "hey robo-farmers, ever think of printing/making various watering tools such as…"
I will learn… :grin:

@Gabriel are you thinking about adding to official Farmbot on Onshape those versions of nozzles/tools which will be working for other users. So newcomers wont need to look further for customized 3D prints?

Perhaps something like a GitHub repository of watering nozzles would work?

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I think that this will do the trick :wink: