Waterline Replacement

Hi All,

I live in the Phoenix area and last summer, in the midst of 110+ Temps my water line from the hose to the farmbot regulator ripped. After the repair I then got a bubble in the line. I then repaired the line again and used a pressure regulator at the hose spigot to help with the line.

Eventually I replace the entire line and spigot regulator with a 1/4" fuel line from an auto parts store as shown in the picture below. This is flexible and fits into the cable carrier support with no issues. I have hose clamps on all the water line connections as well. Hopefully this is helpful to the next user.



I also live in the Phonix area (Mesa) but I have not had time to setup my FarmBot yet. Have you had any other issues with the heat here?



Hey Tim,

Where did you purchase the Armor Mark fuel line hose? Did you get it at an automotive store or from Amazon?

It looks like this one may also work.


Yep, I got it from AutoZone.

Not sure if they are issues directly related to the heat but I had the waterline break from the hose bib. I needed clamps on all the waterline connections. I had failure in the RPi power cord and also the cord from the power supply to the farmduino. All the power cables were replaced free of charge.

The bot operated fine in 110 degrees plus, no issues with overheating. I do think the z axis rod needed more lubricant in the summer than winter.

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