WeatherStation as Farmware

To the Farmbot team,

I’m trying to incorporate the weather station farmware written by Gabriel in my school project. I’m new to python and don’t quite understand line 85 (if DataR[0] == ‘W’) of the file '"
I’d also like to know how to add it as a farmware since I don’t manifest.json file.
Thank you


The weatherstation code you are referring to is intended to be installed on a Raspberry Pi and Arduino separate from FarmBot, and, as written, cannot be installed as a Farmware. The line mentioned checks for the expected first character of serial data.

However, if you have a wind vane or other weather sensor that doesn’t require continuous reading you can plug it directly into FarmBot. Raw values can then be read via the web app without installing any additional software.


We just installed a weather station at our school that sends data to the Weather Underground (
How hard would it be to find a way for our FarmBot to poll for wind speed and/or direction from this weather station using weather underground?

I did find these links - trying to understand them now…