Web App CONNECTIVITY button :: MAC address incorrect

Minor bug in the CONNECTIVITY display :slightly_smiling_face:

What is displayed as MAC address when using WiFi is, in reality, the last 4 octets of the boardid.

Picture this ( highlighted ) :: my RPi0W WiFi MAC is actually b8:27:eb:7f:a1:81

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Thanks for the detailed bug report. The value was intended to be the last half of the Ethernet MAC address, but an extra octet was included. A fix for the issue and WiFi MAC address addition will be released soon.

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

Why just 3 octets ? The RPi4B ( if ever adopted ) has a different top 3 octets w.r.t. RPi3B/RPi0W

I see it now and itโ€™s beautiful :sunny: Thank you !

[ now Iโ€™m off to discover which telemetry youโ€™re using to do that :wink: ]

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IPv6 addresses stretch the friendship, however :wink:

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