Web browser issues after v5.0.1

Hello FarmBot Team,

After updating the FarmBot OS to v5.0.1 I am unable to connect to the FarmBot Configurator. I have already reflashed the raspberry pi three times. Any tips?


I had that too, the auto trigger hotspo thingi does not work.

Try as a work around :wink:

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We’re aware of this issue. The problem is that the auto pop-up window on Macs for logging into a captive portal (such as the WiFi Configurator) does not support web sockets, which the configuration page currently uses. We’re going to re-work that page to use plain HTML so that the auto pop-ups work on all platforms.

In the meantime, please open up your full Safari or Chrome web browser and type farmbot.io/setup. You will be redirected to the configuration page, and the full web browser should support websockets.