Web Site adjustment with a breakdown of each section of farmbot

Should there be a running list of items that could be used once somebody wants to implement them?

Fore example without digging through all of the information on the site, I started a thread because of the moisture sensor I saw in the video. I then got great information on another sensor that met all my concerns and taught me some stuff too.

But suppose there was an area with pictorial representations of the assemblies and sub-assembles of farmbot laid out in a common garden plot and talking points on each section. Then under soil moisture sensor for example there would be all options for soil moisture sensing with pros and cons and some hints.

Another example would be the tubing some one had questions about, in that case the tubing in the picture could be moused over to reveal types links and maintenance hints along with possible variations of tubing types and hint on which types would be bad choices (ie no uv protection in a certain type)

I am not criticizing the way things are now buy I think a lot of the information could be implemented in this way and found and understood quicker. It would also demystify things a lot for novices who love the idea but have no experience.


I don’t understand how this is any different from the excellent FarmBot Genesis documentation?

Even on the FarmBot homepage there is an interactive 3D tour that lets you click individual components to view them from any angle and read details.

oops brb

I will admit I dont explain myself very well.

I just checked it out the section you mentioned and I have seen that it does explain what each component does, you are right, but not to the amount detail and interactivity I was talking about. Not with the tips and hints that everyone knows added in.

I guess the best example to explain what I mean would be the great advice I learned when I brought up a moisture sensor idea. Someone pointed me to a much better option and taught me some stuff as well.

There are tons of knowledge scattered around and I was talking about an interactive way of bringing it to the fingertips of less knowledgeable people like myself there by expanding the community and raising the accessibility of the combined knowledge to everyone.

There might be arduino hobbyist on here who want to proceed but are missing the gardening knowledge base or visa versus.

The forum format to collect information is great but it does require that someone ask a question first to get the ball rolling but with the wiki (I dont know the name for it, crowd sourcing?) format someone could just sit down and click on the area they want to add to write up everything they know and then submit that for review and acceptance by the admins. I know there would be some issues with deferring opinions but I think if input is whittled down to facts only it could be a great idea.

To replace the current theme but to work along beside it, I for one would volunteer to comb the forums and transpose over the information there.

Can anyone that gets what I am trying to say please formulate it clearer I know there are probably a couple of keywords that would explain what I am trying to say.

You are more than welcome to expand the FarmBot Wiki.

Also, you can suggest changes to the FarmBot Genesis Documentation by clicking the Suggest Edits link in the top-right corner of every page.

Of course everyone would benefit from better documentation, but it’s up to all of us to pick up the pieces and improve them. It’s not that your suggestion isn’t valid. Quite the opposite, the FarmBot guys encourage this attitude!

So don’t wait for us to give you a green light. Just do it :slight_smile: Improve the documentation where you believe it is lacking.