Weed Detection how should that work?!

Could you please tell me how I should interpret this weed detection picture which I partially run over the garden?

I saw that the stitching does not really work well, especially for taller plants which makes sense. But please, could someone explain how the weed detection could be productively (AND automatically!) used?


It looks like clearing the detected weeds and taking the photos again with less overlap might help.

As you’ve mentioned, tall plants will make the process more difficult because of the difference in distances to camera. Plants with long sprawling parts also make the process more difficult.

As a reminder, weed detection is recommended during the early stages of plant growth as a technique to remove weeds that attempt to outcompete the plant sprouts for resources. FarmBot is not able to remove weeds that appear underneath the overgrowth of established plants.

Fully appreciate, but the question is how does that work with the overlay and stiching… is there any logic that if something is detected on the edge of a picture, that this will be skipped if too near? E.g. the weed is reaching out of the picture but near a plant… so the software only compares everything inside the boundaries of that picture, or?

Fully understand and agree, that is logic.

Is the software somehow able to exlude content as the wooden frame on top or would I need to steer that through the fact that I should take a different picture then?

Thanks @Gabriel for the support :wink:

Yes, this is currently the case. In the future, we plan on adding the ability to update plant radii so that the full plant region can be used to determine the proximity of weeds in neighboring frames.

We will consider limiting point creation to within the grid in a future release.

As you’ve mentioned, you may be able to relocate where photos are taken to alleviate these issues.


How did you build this picture from the farmbot photo ?
You found the right grid matching the camera to take pictures or did you use a tool to re-assemble overlaping pictures ?

As you can see they are not really overlapping because the leafes are cut on the neighboring picture… Nevertheless I ran a sequence that takes a picture, moves and takes another picture and then looked at it in the farmdesigner. Just activate photo and select the appropriate time range.

Hope that helps.

@Gabriel: Am I right in saying that the weed detection cannot be called from a sequence atm? This should be possible in order to run weed detection along the whole field…?!

You can use the Run Farmware sequence command with the default value to detect plants in the garden from within a sequence.

When running the farmeware “weed detection” in a sequence, the weed detector stores weeds as plants with name “weed”, so the Loop-Plants-With-Filters should be able to remove (with a filter on plant name = “weed”.
But detected weeds on the side of picture can cause false-positive. Detection should be donne on the whole bed-garden to avoid such issue …

Hoi Gabriel,
sry oversaw that the plant-detection is selected by default if I use the run farmware block. Was searching for weed detection and couldn’t find it in the drop down menu :wink:

I still trying to calibrate properly to have the whole picture of the bed-garden, but i can succeed in having something clean.

-I don’t understand how the farm designer select pictures, the youngest one ?
-What is the right sequence pace to take pictures to have not overlap ?
-If it takes a picture too close to the bed-garden side, it detects the lawn on the side as weed !
-Why the drawn tools are not properly located according the known position ?
-Weed detected cannot be deleted through the UI …
-Some leaf on the picture side are detected as weeds ! Why weed detection is not done on the whole picture built from all the small pictures ? It would be probably more powerful to compute weed detection in the cloud rather than in the rasperIP ! with the ability to reprocess images and use learning algorithms to also recognize good and bad plants, etc…

Improvements are welcome …

You can choose with the button on the right, click on the small arrow next to “Photos?”

As the bot always stops while taking a picture there is not video option. I only takes one picture per position that you trigger it via the take a photo run farmware thingi?!

Take the clear weeds button in the farmware -> weed detector panel

Same question that I already asked. Why don’t they stitch the picture to the whole garden bed instead of having high dependencies on the angles where the pictures are taken from to the plants which they “see” from different perspectives and thus make errors…