Weeding - how, when, if?

Seems to me I don’t see any info about weeding. The videos look suspiciously 100% clean of weeds. How did that happen? A good friend is a Farmer’s Market gardener, and I’ve helped her occasionally - weeding seems to be a particularly difficult task for a robot. When small, weed sprouts are numerous, may all look very similar, and can easily out-grow your actual plants if not kept in check. Planting in weed barriers is great, however the weeds poke out through the holes made for plants, or even punch through your paper/mulch/etc. or grow int he rows or at the edges of beds. Once they get larger, weeds can be devilishly hard to distinguish from your crop.

Can Farmbot weed? How, and when in the growing cycle?

Information can be found in the hardware documentation for the weeder (see the first green text box titled “Weeding early and often”). For details about the software, see the Weed Detection software documentation page.

here is a link: https://genesis.farm.bot/docs/weeder

And search for a thread where we discussed this topic, might help you. I am currently not able to search, maybe I can hand it in later…