Weeds detection

I’m a student, I’m supposed to write my master’s thesis at Farmbot. My student work is about recognizing weeds and then irradiating them with the laser beam. the positions of the centers of the weeds must be precisely detected. I’m currently working on the Python code (GitHub - FarmBot/farmbot-py: An MQTT wrapper for FarmBot written in Python), there are commands for various tasks, my question is it possible to use this code to get feedback on where the desired plants and where are the weeds? Or is it better that I write my own code that recognizes the weeds and differentiates between the plants and weeds I want? or do you have another recommendation?
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This sounds like a very interesting project! The plant detection system would be useful for acquiring targets. Once this system runs, you will be able to view the coordinates of weeds via the FarmBot REST API. To access the REST API, you will need some sort of HTTP client installed. You would then perform an HTTP GET request to /api/points and select all points where type is "Weed".

A list of example requests can be found here.

Does that help?

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