What about a multiple seeder?

Hi everyone,
I’m interested in designing a multiple seeder. As a multiple seeder I mean a sort of plate with hundreds of holes that capture seeds, always using the vacuum pump.
To do that I have to discover if the Farmbot’s vacuum pump will be enough to capture multiple seeds at the same time but also if I will have to buy tubs with major section.
Have anyone ever tried to do something similar ?
Can anyone help me with details or personal experience about the Farmbot’s vacuum pump?

Thank you very much for the help :man_mechanic:


In 2021 a team from Liberty University is developing a seed-pod seeding tool for better seeding capabilities.

These are some conceptual CAD models of the new seeder tool that will use pelletized seeds.

The new seeder tool is an adaptation of the design from a seed drill system. We are still in the prototyping phase.



Cool :star_struck:, thank you @Marc.
Could be possible to know the volume of the seed hopper and the rate of seeds per minute (or seconds) ?
If these information aren’t available could be possible to contact a member of the Liberty University team directly?

Thank you

Hi Marc, do you happen to know where it could be possible to get these CAD models?