What is the proper ACME lead screw length?

I am now following the Z-Axis section. The required parts recorded in the manual are 1000 mm long ACME lead screw and 1000 mm long 20X20 extrusion. However, when I assembled it, it looked like the picture below.
I think I need to trim the ACME lead screw to the proper length. How much is the proper length?.

Hey @eachone

the CAD model is 800mm long as you can see β€” here β€”. It seems like it is missing in the assembling guide :disappointed_relieved:

Parts in Onshape should be true to scale. So you can easily compare your parts and see if anything is missing/wrong.


Thanks for chiming in @Ascend. I can confirm that the 800mm is correct. The 1000mm listed in the BOM is because that is the length the leadscrew is sold in from our recommended supplier, OpenBuilds. We’re working on the v1.2 docs now and will be sure to make this more clear. Thanks!

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