What is this wooden piece next to the raised bed?

Hi there,

I am getting around to installing my express XL and was looking through the instructions, but was confused by this image.

This is in Step 3: Attach the x-axis cable carrier.

Am I supposed to attach those wooden pieces to the raised bed when making it? If so, the documentation doesn’t mention anything associated to that, which is why I am confused. If so, what width should those be and where do they split? At the midpoint? Or something else? And lastly, which side is on the upper end? Is it the front or the back of the machine?

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! The steps for attaching those wooden pieces were indeed missing from the documentation. I have just added the steps here: Building a Fixed Raised Bed | FarmBot Express Documentation

The recommended dimensions for those pieces are 40mm x 60mm x 1500mm for Express beds, and 40mm x 60mm x 3000mm for Express XL beds. They should be located on the side of the bed where you want your FarmBot’s electronics box to be. The split is at the midpoint of the bed, and the lower support should be the on the side where you want the FarmBot’s home position to be located (the back of the machine).


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