What sensors are there on the FarmBot?

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I have confirmed by looking all over the internet and on the FB documentation site that in the box of the Genesis XL 1.6 there are a total of 3 sensors.

  1. Soil Moisture Sensor.
  2. Camera/CMOS Sensor.
  3. Temperature Sensor inside the Raspberry Pi purely for measuring the temperature of the CPU.

I want to know/confirm if there are any other sensors other than that such as Environmental Temperature sensors, Humidity sensor for vapor and air humidity or absolutely any others such as built in sensors…?

I’ve learnt about the temp sensor through this:

The Soil sensor and camera sensors are quite obvious.

Are there any other sensors at all on the FarmBot other than these, I have already checked online in several places.

Thank you in advance for your inputs. :pray:


Yes, You are correct, there are a total of 3 sensors that come in the kit:

  1. Soil Moisture Sensor.
  2. Camera/CMOS Sensor. (Or any plug-and-play USB camera)
  3. Temperature Sensor inside the Raspberry Pi purely for measuring the temperature of the CPU.

However the Farmduino board has spots for you to add additional analog and digital sensors.

Genesis Farmduino v1.6 (Partial)

The FarmBot Farmduino board has available pins for:
Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
In-circuit serial programming (ICSP), for programmable logic devices, microcontrollers, chipsets and other embedded devices.
Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) . It is a bus interface connection protocol incorporated into devices for serial communication.

And so you can likely add pretty much any sensor you want using these electronics protocols.

Marc from FarmBot


Thanks for the reply Marc :pray

Does the Soil Moisture Sensor itself have a Temperature Sensor inbuilt into it?

Hi @4cloud
The Soil Sensor tool has 3 connections to the UTM which means just 1 analogue signal is sampled by the Farmduino . . so if the sensor used in this tool does have a Temperature sensor onboard, you’d need to add another (analogue) connect to the tool and assign that wire back from the UTM to the Farmduino to sense (ADC). [This is as I understand things. Very happy to be instructed :slight_smile: ]

In FarmBot Genesis 1.5 for Soil Sensor it says there is an I2C for Temperature. Is it there in the Farmbot 1.6? And does it work by giving ambient temperature readings?

FarmBot 1.5

You are correct; I missed that.

Yes. It seems to be the same tool [Soil Sensor PCB | FarmBot Genesis Documentation]

The two I2C connections are also tabled there.

I’m trying to locate the temperature sensor device type used on that PCB.
The temperature measurement would be some mean of the Soil Sensor PCB temp and ambient, i.e., not soil temperature… is my guess.

When you’ve jumpered UTM headers I and J on the Farmduino over to I2C SCL and SDA then the question is “Are you ready to create your software ?

Software access to that I2C bus and devices on it does not presently exist in the FarmBot Inc. offerings (!)
[see Turn FarmBot into a Weather Station | FarmBot Genesis Documentation]

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Is this the I2C? Also according to what was said it doesn’t give a digital output on the screen? In that case how would it work?

@4cloud thanks for that picture … you are probably correct ! Can you post a magnified image of that device ?

Coded Digital signals from the UTM pins are not currently handled by standard FarmBot software.
This is where your own skills come into use to create a software path for that I2C sensor.

If you don’t want to modify the Farmduino firmware to handle that device on the I2C bus exposed on the Farmduino PCB then you might consider wiring that I2C bus to the Raspberry Pi . . . there is a good Elixir package to handle I2C busses and devices from Elixir code.

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Ok, so basically the I2C doesn’t show a physical temperature on the screen?

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Hi @4cloud yes that is true.

If you have the desire to contribute to FarmBot Inc.'s Open Source initiative ( ‘any one’ is welcome to develop software to support new features and new devices (e.g. I2C-based sensors) and to submit that code for approval to include in future releases :slight_smile: )
then please do so !

I checked the FBOS code repo on GitHub today and noticed that I2C support is already present in FarmbotOS (but version of the circuits_i2c package is a little outdated).


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