Whats is the point of Farm Designer?

How have people used the farm designer function on the web app? With the new update, I was not able to drag and drop a crop (for example, try iceberg lettuce). I assume that this is a temporary bug.

When searching a plant, how is all the data on the left panel relevant? How do you discern planting distances, watering schedules, and so on?

How do you set the parameters for your plot into the designer? I assume that once you have it all designed, you then use the coordinates that the designer provides you with to do the planting and watering in the sequence design. Is this correct? Has anyone gotten this far yet? What is your experience with it.

The drag and drop/plug and play functionality of the system was a major draw for me when I bought the Farmbot, and Im a little disappointed that hasn’t been worked out yet. This should be a priority.

New plants should be able to be dropped into the Farm Designer map. Try zooming all of the way in using the + button on the right. Dropping plants onto a zoomed out map is a known bug that we’re working on. Plants already on the map should only be able to be dragged while editing (accessed by pressing the EDIT button after selecting a plant).

The goal is to be able to apply Regimens to plants in the Farm Designer which would take care of each plant throughout its life. We’re also currently working on features to make it easier to use plant coordinates from the Farm Designer in Sequences. Stay tuned for the next few software updates.

So for now;

  1. What is the utility of the Farm designer other than acting as a scratch pad for the design of the plot?

  2. What do all the numbers that are supplied with the plants represent and how do these parameters get incorporated into the farmbot function/settings?


PS - just tried dragging and dropping and moving stuff around…doesnt really work at all…

For now, you can use the Farm Designer to layout where you’d like to put plants and input the coordinates of each into sequences. As I said, this will improve soon.

If you’d like to help out, can you provide some more information about the bugs you are experiencing? Which browser are you using? What steps did you try, and what did you expect to happen? I just tried, and with the map zoomed in, I was able to drop a new plant in the correct location and was able to select it, press EDIT, and drag it to a new location.

Chrome on a mac book, Version 57.0.2987.133 (64-bit).

It will put the plant down. It will move them in edit mode. Occasionally, I will pick one plant and it will select some other random plant.

What other utility, if any, is there in this feature at this point?