When homming one axis, 3 axis moves and crash with tool bays or ground

i think the program procedure first go to 0,0,0 and then adjust the axis your are homming. but i put z 0 referencve at ground level so this is not working for me.

i might think will be better if you ask to home X, that only X axis can move. like in CNC big machines. otherwise can crash with many other objets

it is my personal opinion… what the developers think about this?

We assume 0 to be the home position, and the home position to be the safe position. Z axis with a zero at ground level doesn’t work in that case. This has been decided because we had also some discussions regarding vertical farming and some variations and ground at 0 wouldn’t work in all cases.

Homing one axis causing the movement in the other axis is patched in the next release.

Ok good. I did ground level homing at ground using physical wooden barrier. Did you add z positive physical barrier to get the z homing work with encoders? Otherwise the nut- led screw unasemblies

I put one of the T nuts and screw on the Z axis as a physical stop. That works good with encoder.