Where are photos stored & how many can we store?

Hello - We are just wondering where the photos are stored. If I set up a sequence to take 2 pictures of each plant 2x a day (310 plants x 2 = 620 images per day), it seems like we could fill something up somewhere…
Where are the pictures stored?

Pictures are stored in the Google cloud. As far as I know, if the maximum amount of pictures is reached, old pictures are deleted or overwritten. But @Gabriel probably knows best :wave:

OK, so then I would have to manually log into My Farm every couple-few days, navagate to Farmware, and then manually save each image…?

The usual Farmware “take photo” is not made for persistent pictures. Just try it out, “scroll” back the pictures you have made in the Farmware tab. At some time you can’t scroll back any more. I think maximum was 100 photos or something like that.

I’ve made a small farmware that saves all photos with plant coordinates directly to a USB stick that is plugged into the raspy. Is that something you would rather use?


While only the most recent 100 images can be viewed, all images are saved unless manually deleted. There is no limit to the number stored.

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Yes! At least I would try it out! (USB stick solution)
Also, where and how would one go in the Cloud to see/get the images?

@Gabriel, can you please add an option to delete all but the last 100 pictures? There’s not use for someone that you give google the pictures and we have no possibility to view them…

@Gabriel Where are those pictures stored? Is there a way to show them?

Images are stored in Google Cloud Storage and can be viewed via the Farmware > Photos page of the FarmBot Web App. A photos documentation page is available for more information.