Where can I find guide for installing camera

My Farmbot project is going well. Finally, I try to install the camera, But I can not find the specifications for the camera and assembly guide for it.

See the camera page of the hardware documentation.

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I apologize. Sorry and thank you very much.
I thought I saw every things, but I guess I probably did not.
I will look into whole guide once again

I saw the assembly guide. However, the part used for the camera part of the assembly guide is a camera module for Raspberry Pi, and the camera used in the movie is a USB camera. USB camera seems to be easy to install, but I want to know if Farmbot os basically supports USB camera. The following cameras are under consideration.



FarmBotOS supports USB cameras. Either of those should work, although you will need to modify the camera housing part model to use the first outdoors.

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Hiya, I just bought a webcam, can you send me a shot of which cable is the usb scope cable in the housing? I cant find anything on getting started, or this thread.

The camera plugs into any USB port on the Raspberry Pi. The electronics page of the documentation shows instructions for plugging it in.

Will I have to run the webcam cord through the gantry cable runner (ack!), I just thought of that when I got home…
also what can be causing intermittent " [take-photo] Problem getting image." code? I’m still working with the endoscope…

I fixed my “error getting image” issue by replacing the little right angle USB extension cable. A new USB extension cable and it’s working.