Where to from here?

This is amazing but we at The Corner Stone Farm wonder where this will go from here. Are there personal appearances planned, discussion panels, etc.? We would love to invite you an event in Moncks Corner, SC and provide you with a platform for showing off.

Hey there, (Rory here) I don’t have too many speaking events planned, but we are actively developing the project and sharing our progress on social media and documenting it on our wiki. If you haven’t yet, please sign up for our email newsletter to stay updated with our progress!


Hi! I’m from germany and doing my master thesis about adapting the farmbot XYZ-Frame to an robotic plattform, for on field usage etc.
Have a nice day :wink:


Hi Steffen, sounds awesome! Will you be able to share your work with the larger community? Feel free to ask questions here on the forum and document your progress on the wiki!


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Yeah I will be able to share my work, but at moment I’m at the very beginning. But i have also a few questions i will ask you. The questions are very hardware related is there a topic where i can ask them?


Yes, ask them in the ‘Hardware’ category

I’m Julien from France. I work in farm machinery industrie and i really like the farmbot concept.
I have an agricultural background and will be proud to help on that project.

I am not connected with farmbot, Julien, but it would be interesting to know the “foreign” perspective of their project and how you feel about this kind of thing.

My name is Richard Stewart. I am the manager of Carriage House Farm. We are small family owned farm outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. We are curious about this project and would like to participate in real world applications. We do small plot intensive rotation for both direct to consumer and restaurant sales. We think that this system has possibilities both for open air and high-tunnel operations. We do not have a lot of capital to contribute but would like to work with you. If you need an independent resource to bounce ideas off of in terms of plant behaviors, growth habits, weeds, tool types, seeders, and the like we would love to help out.

Hey @Richard, thanks for posting here! We’re hoping to launch a consumer product on Kickstarter later this year which should be fairly low cost and completely scalable. At this point I think we have all the resources we need, we’re just head down in hardware and software development!


Hi all.

First off I have no back ground in farming but a huge interest in automation. At present I am first year mature student with AIT in Ireland doing an Informatics common year before I move on to networking.

I found your project online a while back while searching for information about automation and autonomous vehicles. I have been working on a small scale autonomous vehicle for the past few months which I am hoping with develope into something a good bit larger in the long run.

When I spotted your project online my brain went into over drive as I truely believe with the right people in the background this could be the future of the farming industry. I just wanted to wish you the best of luck with the project and know that you guys are stepping in the right direction.


Thanks Matt for the encouragement!

Hi Farm Bot Team,

Great idea and thank you for sharing with the world. :slight_smile: Are you working on a vertical Farm Bot system?

I getting ready to start farming and using a Dutch Bucket system and building Gothic Arch greenhouse.

Yet I had an idea years ago about vertical gardens and have a design for a Hanging Walls of Babylon system.

Maybe it is something we can work on and develop :smile:


Hey Craig,

At this time we’re not working on any vertical systems, though we definitely see the possibility for different style vertical systems in the future! If you start any work on this, please document your progress on the wiki so that others may help and learn with you!

This project is insanely cool!
I’d love to build one too, but like Craigglewis mine would have to be a vertical bot so it will probably have to wait a while, I’m not skilled enough in the arts of electronics yet, heh.
I live in a city and while my mum (whom I’d like to build it for) has a community garden, the place is very open and has been hit by vandals before, and a system like this would likely not survive long, but having an indoor gardening bot would be awesome!
I know it’s a ways out but I’ll definitely be following from the sidelines for now.

Sounds good! Ideally once we get the electronics and software systems down, all of that can be re-used for a vertical system too.

That makes sense, not everything is directly reusable from a hardware perspective I think though, for one the printhead would have to be designed for picking up things from a different angle since gravity has shifted, but also in a garden height is no concern, but once the thing gets rotated 90 degrees height translates into depth, so it would stick out a bit, it doesn’t look like it would be rocket science to make it narrower though. But I’m just guessing really. =)

@Richard Have you checked out HIVE13? Its downtown in Cincinnati and they have tons of equipment including 3D printers and machine tools with commercial experience in 3D printing–GE engineers who work on 3d printed engines and a team that developed a 3d commercial printer. They also used to have a DIYBIO group that threatens to resurface. They could help you with some of the construction aspects of farmbot.

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Hey Steffen! How is the Master thesis going? I just heard about the farmbot project recently and I am pretty excited about the project. I am also studying Agriculture in Germany as well(Göttingen). I wonder if the farmbot in Hohenheim is still running. And do you know over German participants?

Cheers Jonas