Who can Farmbot?

Ahoy community. Pending the arrival of my Farmbot I’m planning to recruit a local youth to drive the project. what would you say are the fundamental attributes/skills from a technical/coding point of view to be able to localise and develop our Farmbot ?
Many thanks, piltdowndave

is there anyone out there ?

Hey @piltdowndave

its not that complicated to build and set up the farmbot since there are detailed step by step videos in the Hardware docs and software docs sections. Its just like building up a new piece of furniture with a lot more benefit :seedling:
As long as you don’t have super special needs from the software that need to be added you won’t need any coding skills at all.

Getting up that raised bed may be more complicated since it need much more manpower to get parts together and fill in dirt.

Thanks Ascend … but I really want to be able to do some development on it, what sort of coding/development background would be ideal ?

Alright, I think someone should have

  • knowledge of coding languages for each software part like
    • API - Typescript, Ruby, Javascript (nodejs, JSON …)
    • OS - Elixir
    • Firmware - C/C++
    • Farmwares - Python
  • powerful pc hardware to build the OS release
  • Linux based system with installed editors and environments

Those are the things that I’ve been confrontated last time when I made changes locally.
Hopefully we can get an opinion right from our coding corner @Gabriel :slightly_smiling_face: