Who has deployed the web app locally?

I’ve been thinking of setting up a local server for a while as my tech skills are probably up to it. I just wondered how many Farmboters out there are running the web app off a local server? Have you had any major issues?

I have. Harder than I tought because of some bugs but that’s the fun of it. I have a local instance of openfarm too.

I’ve corrected the procedures so they are all right now

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Thanks for replying Nicolas. Are the corrected procedures on Farmbots github?

yes, on the wiki for openfarm and the ubuntu howto for the web app


Hi @nicolas what are you doing with a local version of openfarm if I may ask? Did you copy the database to your local server to have it available offline?

It was in case no internet connection available. There’s no way to download the crop DB so it was only with custom entries

I’m considering setting up a local copy of the app here in Australia as well. I find that in the evening when I create squences etc, the Farmbot server is very slow (20 seconds or more per click), probably because this coincides with a busy time in the US. The internet connection here is quite fast, and other websites in the US are not slow.
I have a Ubuntu server here that I can use.

Any tips for setting up the server locally?
I tried a few years ago but couldn’t get is to work, so I gave up and packed the farmbot away.
Recently moved it to a location with reliable internet but I think the farmbot can’t tolerate the slow ping times? (It’s over satellite so averages 650ms to Australian servers and ~2000ms to farmbot servers).
How long would you estimate it took you to get it to work?

I don’t have a FarmBot (yet), but I was able to set up the web app in a KVM on Debian Buster without too much pain. I did it pretty much like this, with some nudging: