Why does Farmbot need 24/7 internet access?

I understand why Farmbot needs internet access for configuration/setup and control via my.farm.bot webapp, but if I have configured a sequence to run when I press one of the on-board buttons, why does this not work if there is a network outage?

Thank you in advance for any guidance.

I’m guessing here, but I suppose the deployment, maintenance and support of a user based, local frontend to the Farmbot, would significantly increase the retail cost of a Farmbot.

I’ll take a look at the code and come back with some explanation.

( Maybe this is an effect of the chosen RPC implementation design. I’m just not sure why FBOS running on the Raspberry Pi is unable to execute saved sequences bound to pins whenever Internet is down )

@captainsemtex Checked this out and cannot reproduce your issue. The code in FBOS which binds a Sequence to a Button calls execute on that sequence code so does not require WebApp connection.

Here’s a log of my testing ( Genesis v1.5 with FBOS v15.3.5-rc0 ) of a 107-step sequence bound to Button 5. This sequence did complete.

Can you show us logs or the Sequence which you tested ?
Was your bot fully synced before you took it offline ?

Thank you very much @jsimmonds for your research. I wonder if my Farmbot was not fully sync’d. I will run some more tests and get back to you.

Kind Regards

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