Why my soil sensor is readind the same in water or out water

I just try to get some reading with my soil sensor and im getting the same in water or not, around 250
does any one know what am I doing wrong?

Can you add some more detail, please?
How are you checking?

first I put the soil sensor in the garden dirt and I have a 250 average reading next I went to get a glass of water and dump it in the ground and drop the soil sensor in and still get an average of 250 reading so next I try with a full glass of water and check still get a average of 250, the rest of the farmbot work great

I have the first gen from kickstarter if it help

What does the soil sensor read when in the open air?
No dirt, no water, dry…

250 when is on the head open in the air and when I do a test with nothing on the head I get 1023

Maybe the sensor is bad.
Can you check the sensor for shorts, damage, water.
Sparkfun sells them cheap (like $6 USD)so may be order one to try out.
Because you read 1023 with no sensor, I think this points to the sensor being the cause.

Link to soil moisture sensor at Sparkfun:

ok thanks i will check this