WiFi-connection and then change to an Ethernet-connection

Hi, I’m using a FarmBot (Genesis v.1.6.) for my bachelor thesis. I built everything, and now I’m trying to connect it to the Ethernet network of the university building, where the FarmBot is installed. I was having problems connecting the FarmBot to the Ethernet (I think the needed ports are closed), so I wrote the IT department and am still waiting for their answer. But it’s becoming urgent for me, regarding the timeframe of my thesis, to connect the FarmBot to the internet and start getting familiar with its functions. That’s why I’m thinking of temporary connecting the FarmBot with Wi-Fi to a simple rooter. But as soon as the IT department answers, I would like to permanently connect the FarmBot to the Ethernet network.
My question is: is this possible? To first connect the FarmBot to Wi-Fi, configure it and start working on it, and then change the Internet-connection to an Ethernet-connection.
If yes, how can I then connect it to Ethernet?

Thanks in advance :))

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Hello @elsab!
I’m not sure I understand your question correctly. But maybe my answer can help you.

  1. You can do the FarmbotOS configuration process to connect with a Wi-Fi connection (Configurator | FarmBot Software Documentation). If everything is fine you can use it without any problem.

  2. Then, when you have configured Ethernet access with the appropriate configuration for the type of network where you want to connect it, you can do the process of installing FarmbotOS again (https://software.farm.bot/v15/farmbot- os/intro.html) and reconfigure the connectivity considering the Ethernet option (Configurator | FarmBot Software Documentation).

All the configuration data, sequences, planting schemes, etc… that you make from the web app are not lost because they are stored independently.

Another option, although a little more complicated. It is that you can set up a self-hosted version of the elements that are part of the web server side (GitHub - FarmBot/Farmbot-Web-App: Setup, customize, and control FarmBot from any device)


Deploying all of this on a single PC, you can then connect directly to a router on a local intranet, either via Ethernet cable or Wi-FI.

I hope this can help you.
If I am wrong in anything I have explained, please tell me.

I apologize if much is not understood, since I am using a translator.

A hug!

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Hi @elsab the IT department will need to allow specific ports for your Genesis v1.6 bot.
You might need to share this document →

Hello Luciano,
thank you very much for the detailed explanation, it helped a lot!

Hello @jsimmonds,
yes I sent them this document too, still no answer from them :frowning:
but the connection with Wi-Fi worked, and the FarmBot now too!


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