WiFi dongles - any specific requirements


Hi, thinking about using one, just wondering if it should generally work (might have an old/3G one…) but if we buy one, what to look for.

Many Thanks,
Rabobank FarmBotter :slight_smile:


FarmBot OS runs on the Raspberry Pi 3, which has a WiFi chip built in. External WiFi dongles are not supported at this time.


Sorry I don’t mean a WiFi dongle - a usb dongle that provides network connectivity over the phone network.

Something like this - http://www.three.co.uk/Discover/Devices/ZTE/MF730M?memory=0&colour=Black

I assume thats probably not supported either.



Is there any way to get the farmbot connected to the internet being very far away from any wifi? Maybe using some 4g dongle or shield like:


As I started with my farmbot project on the roof top, I struggled also a lot with a stable connection to the internet.
Finally I came up with a media ethernet convertor over fibre glass: Fibre converter aliexpress
This works fine and it ensures a stable connection of your farmbot far a way from your router…
I really can recommend this solution to everyone ho has no stable wifi connection…