Winter Progress - Harvest Time

This winter I grew Kale, Kohlrabi, chives, and parsley. Here area couple of pictures. Kohlrabi is a pretty big plant for a small bulb. However after doing a little bit of research we found a few very nice ways to sautee the abundant leaves. Or you can slice the leaves into thin strips and drench in a vinaigrette dressing for a crisp salad.


That is awesome. :sunglasses: Never heard of a Kohlrabi plant. Now Iā€™m interested in trying to grow some!

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Kohlrabi is in the Brassica family like Broccoli and Kale. It is pretty easy to grow.

I used to think that the bulb was the only edible part. The greens were pretty amazing. We also like to eat the greens from radishes and beets. Why not? Why grow a whole bunch of radishes and not eat the wonderful greens? Might as well make the most out of what we grow.