Without Arduino?

Can I make the farm boat without Arduino? Also, what is the use of 2 microcontrollers (Arduino and Raspberry Pi) here?

I think your question needs more detail.
What are you attempting to do? Do you want to use a different controller?
The raspberry pi is the controller.
The Arduino (also called the “Farmduino”) has a micro-controller for the steppers/encoders and stuff. It is basically a RAMPS board, I think.

I agree with the post of Intelbotfarmer.

You can find an overview about the electronic boards and their purpose in the software docs.

Sounds like you just want to do everything with the raspberry. The current software (Farmbot OS) does not support that. I believe its also technically not possible for the raspberry to run that many tasks at once.

Not a different controller. I need to use only raspberry pi. Does it possible?

Hi Vishnu.
Can you add more detail about what you are trying to do?
As Ascend said, the Arduino performs many functions that are not possible with using just the Rassberry Pi. Maybe think of it this way: The Rasberry Pi is kind of a master. The Arduino (or Farmduino, or other RAMP board) offer capabilities to that master to control. Without the extension (Arduino, etc.) the master (Rassberry Pi) does not have the resources to control.

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