Would Like to Make Affiliate Site


I would like to help sell farmbots and supplies where can I find info?


Feel free to use the open-source designs to manufacture and sell hardware as you please :slight_smile:


Hello world!

Wow you mean I can freely assemble this and sell it? This is unbelievable! Someone please confirm if this is true, I am really bad at understanding licenses. If so, can (or must) it be named Farmbot, and how big must you, the founders, be mentioned on my homepage? =) And can your pictures and videos be used as advertisement?
This project is one of the few ones that the world really needed right now. It has the potential to be scaled and evolved enormously and feed everyone. Hope it goes this way. I know I’ll get one soon and keep it functional for as long as I can foresee right now. My sincerest respect to the founders and everyone productively involved!



Hi Gasper,

Yes you are free to use, modify, and sell any of the FarmBot hardware or software. Feel free to use our videos and other promotional material as well. You can also name your products FarmBots.

Best of luck!


Hello @rifse, @lukeizcool,

We have just launched our Farmbot Kits for order, and we can also do free shipping.
You can check our website http://wefarmbot.com/en/2 to have a look and leave feedback. We would be interested to have distributors as well so we can work on something.

If you are interested, let me know, i will be more than pleased to help you.

Thank you.



This is clearly off topic, and seems to be shameless spam advertising. I don’t think that posting advertisements on every active thread in this forum is appropriate. Maybe you could save such posts for times when services are clearly requested by other users.


Hi @Chuck,

Sorry you take it this way, but you can see that Lukeizcool is clearly asking to help to sell farmbots…and as we are doing it so, it would be interesting to discuss about it for a possible cooperation.

Additionally, you can have a check to our blog or documentation, which mention all the process during our set up, we precise all the issues we encountered and the modifications we did.
It might help lot of people who as well decide to built their own farmbot.

We deeply appreciate this open source idea and we put forth to improve it as well. We believe it’s a start of something that get way bigger.

Sorry again for the trouble, and appreciate your feedback Chuck!
Thank you


I apologize then. Maybe I am just too sensitive about this sort of thing. The many identical posts on different threads looked suspicious to me.

Sorry for the hasty judgement.



Hello, I am very interested in building a business around the FarmBot. I have a few questions, however, that I was unable to find answers to on the site:

  1. Can they be configured to any size? what is the smallest/largest, if any?
  2. If purchasing directly from you, is there a warranty provided on them? If so, how long?
  3. Is there an instructional video on how to properly utilize the accompanying software?


Hello @janieCA

I replied to you by private message to avoid to spam this topic.
You can also contact me at nicolas@wefarmbot.com

Thank you