X-axis and encoders problems

  1. My X-axis developed a problem where if I enable the two motors they will roll fine in one direction, but they will run in opposite directions in the other direction.

  2. If I turn on the encoders i get this error when I try to move any axis. The axes appear to move fine when controlled manually.


So if you move your X-axis in + direction, both motors are moving properly in +. But when you move in - direction, one motor goes into - and the other one in + direction?
That would sound like either your arduino/Farmduino or your stepper driver is faulty. Try to swap the stepper driver with another axis.

I’ll try that. Any thoughts on the failure of the encoders?

Turns out the stepper driver was incorrectly pushed into the board. That fixed the travel problem.

Any thoughts into what could be causing the relative movement failure? The odd thing is that it happens in all axes.


So your X-axis moves fine now, but your encoders are not working properly?

What happens if you turn encoders on and move an axis in the controls tab? You can check your encoder readings if you turn the option SCALED ENCODER POSITION on as you can see in the following picture.

Also check your encoders values when you push an axis by hand, the encoders should track the position.