X axis scales incorrectly during sequences

I’ve run into an issue with my X axis, and X axis only. Whenever i use a sequence or tell the machine to navigate to a plant, the X axis will move about 1.5x to far, I can hear the acceleration is also different. The encoders are also recording the location incorrectly. However homing and manual movements all move and record the correct distance. For example, if i move my x axis to 1000 with a sequence, the axis will move about 1500 MM, i can then manually move the machine to 0, either by button or typing in the coords, and it will move 1000 MM to the approx. 500 position but the machine would read 0. I do have custom firmware enabled, but then only thing changed is one of the encoder pins, and the default encoder value is set to 2000, as i couldn’t seem to get it to apply from the webapp. Hopefully there is just something im overlooking, i find it odd that Y and Z work fine while X does not.


As of now I believe it’s a hardware fault. Some more tinkering for this weekend.

Verified a bad solder on the ground wire in the encoders connector. SOLVED thanks anyways.

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