Z axis collar slipping?

Our z axis slips at the collar connection to the spiral rod. It was cranked down on the collar best I could.

The collar spins nicely when not connected to the lifting rod but put any torque on it at all (with a finger) and it slips.

I don’t see any special orientation in the collar to get the collar to hit / attach to the motor rod notch. Did I miss something?

…and I over-torqued it and stripped the set screw so I may have to drill it out. grrr.

… and we managed to get the z axis collar off. But is there not a better way to get more torque on the z axis? The collar between the motor and lead screw does not “secure” with a set screw onto the flat motor post, it just spins a lot.

A friend suggested I tap a hole and put an additional set screw so it can secure to the flat spot on the motor post. That seems kudgy.

Are we missing something?

Realized this is called a coupling. Not a collar. My apologies!

Ordered a different coupling from Amazon. The one FB shipped tightens around the shaft but does not have any way to lock into the flat spot on the shaft. The coupling I ordered has set screws at 90 degrees from the axis so you can possibly grip a little tighter on the shaft.

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