Z axis dropping during sequence

Hey guys,

i was executing my plant basil sequence early and about 80% of the way through my sequence my Z axis drops about 100-150mm out of nowhere and messes up the positioning/sequence (it will try and pick up a seed from the bin but because of the drop the tool head will smash into the bin)

Anyone else had this problem before? it makes a pretty intense sound when it drops

hope you all had a good weekend!


Remember this post? Does it sound anything like that in the video (around 30 seconds in I think).

oh man, that sound is so gnarly lol but yes that’s exactly what it sounds like.

I’m re-reading through the posts as we speak. So maybe I should try and tweak the stepper screws again for more power?

this only happens on the 25-30th plant out of 40 plants within my plant seed sequence. the issue is pretty consistent around there. I wonder if the FB might be losing power the longer the sequence is as it moves up and down to plant seeds.