Z axis encoder problem? SOS

Hi all! I’m about 60% of the way through the software set up the farmbot and running into problems with the z axis motor. No matter where the z axis is (up or down) the controls display it’s position at zero, so it only allows me to move the z axis down even if it can’t move down any more. It also doesn’t display the correct distances: if I move the z axis down 10mm, the controls say -2.1 instead of -10, but then it reverts back to a zero position.

I think it must be a problem with the z axis encoder, but the basic troubleshooting guidelines don’t seem to fix the issue. All of my other encoders work fine and the electronics are all connected properly. I also tried changing the speed and steps for acceleration with no change. I also moved the z axis manually back to the highest position and set it as home, but this didn’t change anything.

If anyone has advice of what could potentially fix the issue I would greatly appreciate it!

This is what the z axis controls look like no matter the position or the distance I move it.

Hello @pie,

As a quick first step, can you trace the motor and encoder wires and make sure that they are going to the correct Z-Axis location from the Farmduino control board all the way to the Z-Axis motor. You may also need to check any intermediate connectors that may not be fully connected.

The quick second step is to double check to make sure the motor and encoder connectors are pushed all the way into the Farmduino electronics board. You may need to take your thumb and gently push the connectors into the board to ensure that they click into place.

If the two above simple steps don’t work, we can help you to get this Z-Axis encoder working.

Please send us an email to CONTACT@FARMBOT.IO and we will be able to help you troubleshoot your Encoder issues.


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