Z axis goes up but after 2 sec, motor turn upside down

Everything is free and easy to move, z-axis extrusion, vertical and cable carrier supports. When Z axis goes down, it’s OK but to go up, it starts and after 2 or 3 seconds, motor makes noise and start to turn upside down and in fact, it finish below it started. To avoid high speed, I decrease gradually max speed from 600 to 80 but it cannot go from down to up, even one time. I only have to help manually to go up (less than 50gr) and it’s enough but it can’t do that alone.
What did i miss ?
Thank you for help

I am also facing the same problem.

Can anyone help?

Does it behave like in this video?

Yes but much worth. Instead to go up 10cm, it can go down to finish 15cm below the beginning point. I point out :
I still not have any tool neither water in the UTM so it’ll be very more heavy when everything will be in order and when UTM will have to release magnetized tools. Today, everything of that is impossible
The max speed I use is very low (200). Your video seems to be 600 or more for Z axis
As I told, motor turn upside down. I think motor isn’t strong enough or I missed a setting to increase torque. I can also exchange motors, maybe this one is weak.
Thank you

did you try the configuration “always power motors” ON in device page on z axis configuration?